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...the process of becoming

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Humble Beginnings:

 Manifesting an Inward Journey

I started out this journey into the world of chalk painting and furniture refinishing during a period where I was pondering my life, my goals,  my desires, and also deciding where I wanted to invest my time.  Selfishly the answer became "ME."  I wanted to invest some time in me.   

This reflective process was happening in my life, but also began to happen with furniture as I searched for pieces, imagined what they were, where they might need a few repairs,  and what they might become.  

This creative process really grabbed my attention, and I fell in love with the entire process of finding treasures from days gone by, creating new and beautiful pieces, that inspired others to fall in love with them again with new life and purpose, and new homes to settle into.  

Eco-conscious nature of repurposing furniture

Paint, colour, texture, shape, form , all come in to play in this wonderful undertaking of recreating and repurposing furniture and restyling your home and life to suit your needs and tastes.  Sometimes you pick colours to match your space, sometimes the piece tells you what it might become.  Repainted in high quality, delicious matte finished paint with zero VOCs, I believe in using products that are safe for you, your families, and the environment.  Repurposing furniture keeps it out of landfills and extends the life of beautiful wooden creations.